Monday, March 09, 2009

Is the NFL America's version of Roman Gladiators?

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So the NFL (football) is arguably America's favorite sport these days supplanting baseball. That got me to thinking (a rarity!) -- is football America's version of the Roman Gladiators?

Think about it - it's a very popular sport, watched by thousands (and many more thousands via TV) in an arena-type environment. The object is to beat (though not kill) your opponent using some of the most physically harsh methods available. And there are many instances of on field injury ranging from minor to major.

Now the US isn't an empire in a traditional sense, but its influence and reach is certainly global. And many would say that the US has probably reached its height in influence and is on a downward spiral - similar to the Roman Empire crumbling, yet still playing gladiator games (football games).

That's my argument - now share your opinions by leaving comments below!

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