Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thoughts on Newtown, CT incident

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As Newtown, CT continues to recover from the recent tragic events there, many Leftists are taking the opportunity to turn this into a power grab and further erode our Constitutional protections. Instead of looking into why these things happens, they only look into the "how". They conveniently forget that Timothy McVeigh didn't use a gun to do his mass murdering nor did the 9/11 terrorists - yet the murders committed on those two days were far higher than Newtown. This isn't to belittle the recent tragedy nor to play a numbers game of who's bigger than who. It's merely to put things into perspective.

Banning guns really isn't going to stop psychotic people from committing crimes - on the same day as the Newtown tragedy, there was a report that a man in China had slashed upwards of 20 school age children - I'm not sure if there were any deaths reported. The reason he used a knife? China strictly controls guns. So, like the police department that cracks down on drugs on one street corner only to see the activity move to another, so do murderers change weapons when another one is not available.

Another issue we need to address is the publicizing of these incidents. As soon as the tragedy occurred, the main networks were on the story for upwards of 6 hours of live coverage - falsely reporting many details as soon as a snippet was uttered. There was much confusion for example over where the murderer's mother was killed - Connecticut or New Jersey? Her supposed connection to the school (teacher or assistant?), etc. If we would STOP publicizing these incidents, it might help in bringing them down. Maybe not, but it can't hurt. I find it odd that if you watch a sports event and a spectator jumps onto the playing field, the game is immediately halted and the cameras do NOT show the perpetrator. Why? So as to prevent copycat incidents. YET, in these murderous rampages, we continually show footage of the carnage and murderer over and over again. Isn't that part of the problem in this 24/7 news cycle world we live in? Why do advertisers believe that with a 30 second commercial we'll run out and buy their product YET with 2 hours of violent exposure in a movie, we won't be affected? Isn't Hollywood on the hook for any of this?

Some on the Left believe that the Constitution and its bedrock principles of free men and their right to maintain their freedom are "outdated" in our "progressive" world. Freedom is not outdated. Tyrannical governments are not outdated. The need to protect your freedom is not outdated. What is outdated is the idea that we can restrict the rights of many in hopes of slowing down the few.

Stand up for your rights. If you let them take those away today, imagine what they'll take away tomorrow.

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Gift Idea Day 8 - 2013 Reagan Wall Calendar

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I don't think I have to do much convincing for the 2013 Ronald Reagan Wall Calendar. Grab one, put it up and enjoy 365 days with Ronald Reagan. 'nuff said.

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