Friday, June 24, 2016

2 Main Reasons (& 2 bonus reasons) Hillary will Win in November

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I think if we're honest with ourselves, we have to admit defeat, once again, in a national election. As of now, it's inevitable Hillary Clinton will win the Presidency come this November. The current of history is running in her favor and there seems little that can stop it.

Why you may ask? Let me outline what I see:

1) The Reagan/Bush Parallel: Though Clinton is not Obama's VP, she has taken on that role in this election cycle. Last year, while attempting to do it on her own, her campaign was lifeless. The Democrats were running scared that Hillary wouldn't be able to win. She was moving away from Obama and his policies and kept her husband Bill at arm's length. After much internal debate and thought, she "re-booted" her campaign and began to embrace the men in her life - like she has always done to get ahead. Suddenly, Obama was her hero and husband Bill was giving as many speeches and rallies as she was - it was hard to tell which Clinton was running for President. As Obama's poll numbers rise and Hillary's stated goals not to change any of his major victories (ie, the only one - Obamacare), there's little to stop her train before it hits 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
This is basically what happened when Bush ran in 1988 - people were so enamored with Reagan that his VP was swept into office in the hopes of keeping the Reagan Revolution alive. Sadly, we saw how things worked out and our hopes were quickly dashed by 1992.

2) Female Population - A quick Internet search shows that there are 5 million more women than men in the US. While all of the women may not be of voting age or eligible to vote or even vote for Hillary, the number is fairly insurmountable for any male challenger - white, black, straight or gay. Women rightly feel it's their time to shine. While they may not want Hillary as their standard bearer, she's certainly better than nothing.

2a) Is Trump really Ross Perot? - For those of you old enough to remember Ross Perot running against Bush and Clinton and pulling enough votes from Bush to make Clinton victorious, you have to wonder if Trump isn't doing the same thing? Is this all a scam on his part - saying and doing stupid things to make way for Hillary's victory? Surely a billionaire such as he can't be that stupid and say such stupid off the cuff things and still believe he can be President? What's his real motive here? We know the Trumps and Clintons have palled around in the past - are they now on the "outs" with each other or just while discussing politics (like Tip O'Neill and Reagan were)? Or was this all crafted by Trump/Clinton as some sort of revenge to the Republican Party, perhaps hoping to topple it altogether so it remains impotent for a long time to come? I have long suspected that Trump wasn't serious about being President and was only in it for nefarious purposes. Only time will tell.

2b) Inevitability of the First - Like Obama being the first "black" President (he's really mixed race but that ruins their narrative so he's "black"), Hillary being the first woman President will certainly impel many people to vote for her so they can be 'part of history'. I did that when I voted for Obama in 2008; I thought how historic it was to vote in a black man as President in the hopes it would heal and unite this country. I won't make that mistake again this time around but it's meaningless as too many people will jump on the "first woman President" bandwagon and vote for Hillary.

Do you agree, disagree or have any further insights into the 2016 election? Please share them below.

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