Sunday, January 09, 2011

Book Review: Being Catholic Now

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I'm currently reading Being Catholic Now. Kerry Kennedy, one of eleven children of Robert and Ethel Kennedy, has gathered these essays from prominent Catholics throughout the United States. They range from priests to well known celebrities.

I'm really enjoying reading these essays, especially the ones from well-known figures such as Cokie Roberts, Bill O'Reilly and Bill Maher. The essays are well-written and presented in an almost conversational style. I really feel like the author is talking to me personally about his/her views on the Church, its impact on him/herself and its impact on the world at large. It's interesting to read how these prominent people weave the Church and its teachings into their lives.

While I think that people of any religion can gain insight from this book, I feel it's especially relevant to Catholics.

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Star Wars goes Blu!

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I just wanted to post a quick news item - in case you haven't heard - Star Wars is finally going to be released on blu-ray disc this coming September! You'll be able to purchase the Original Trilogy, Prequel Trilogy and Complete Saga.

There will be extensive bonus materials with these releases. I haven't read any in depth reports so I'm not sure how they're going to split up the bonus material among the three releases. My best guess is that they will have all the material in the Complete Saga with the other two sets containing the bonus materials for those particular trilogies.

I've pre-ordered the Original Trilogy - I'd love to get the Complete Saga to have all the bonus material, but I can't stand the prequel films!

Will you be pre-ordering any of the Star Wars sets on blu-ray? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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