Sunday, April 17, 2011

Because everyone deserves bumper sticker

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One more bumper sticker for your consideration - which sums up the Democrats current mindset:

Anti-Obama - Everyone deserves what you work hard bumpersticker
Anti-Obama - Everyone deserves what you work hard by antiobama
More Obama approved obama approved typical white person white person white people for obama Bumper Stickers

As usual, let us know where you slap this bumper sticker - car, home or work slap it where it can be seen!

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No Child Left a Dime bumper sticker

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Here's a clever (but ultimately sad) bumper sticker - it sums things up nicely:

No Child Left A Dime bumpersticker
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Help spread the word - slap this cumper sticker anywhere and everywhere people will take notice!

Let us know where you posted your bumper sticker by leaving a comment below!

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