Monday, May 11, 2009

DVD Marathon Viewing - Your Style?

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As you know from a previous entry, I have a collection of DVDs. Many of them are TV series along with the James Bond movie series.

I usually enjoy doing the Bond movies in chronological order. I tend to do the same with TV series though there are some TV series (Space:1999) that I like to watch favorite episodes in any order.

For movies (Bond in this case), I'll watch one a day -- perhaps 2-3 per week till I finish off the series.

For TV, I tend to watch several episodes in a day and sometimes get through a series within a week or so.

So what's your DVD Marathon Viewing style? Do you watch a group of TV episodes at once or spread them out? Spread out a movie series (any series) over a few weeks or gulp them down in an afternoon?

Let us know by leaving some comments below!

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