Friday, December 25, 2015

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Climate Change HOAX Exposed (video) - Must See

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Just came across the below video yesterday. A geologist exposes climate change for the hoax / non-event it is. It's 14 minutes long, but well worth the investment.

PLEASE - share this video everywhere (it's not my video). Let's get this viral to counter the massive fraud being perpetrated on the Western World.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bathroom Politics - Hillary's Sly Restroom Use EXPOSED

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So, I watched the first Democratic Debate a few weeks back. I wanted to see who was running for President, besides Sanders and Clinton, on the Democratic side of the aisle. I also wanted to hear their message - I can't wait to get all those free things they all promised us!

In the middle of the debate, after one of the commercial breaks, Hillary made it back onstage to her podium a few seconds or so after the men. There was a brief word about taking a little extra time because "she's a woman"; that is, she had come back from the restroom late because "you know" how women take a little extra time getting back from a restroom break. There was a bit of sophomoric chuckling from the audience and that was that. There was probably a smattering of mentions about the incident the next day, but that was about it.

I recorded the second debate, but haven't seen it yet, but I did see on the news that, again, Hillary was a moment or two late to the stage after the commercial break. I didn't think much about it though I found it odd that it occurred a second time in a row. Thanks to the Google app on my Android phone, I read an article where her campaign staff "explained" why she was once again late from returning to the stage from a bathroom break. Apparently, the women's restroom was a bit farther, from the debates stage, than the men's restroom. While doing a pre-debate walk through, her staff was "concerned" that this might, once again, pose an issue. On debate night, they did all they could to get Hillary to and from the restroom in a timely manner - but, oops, failed to do so. I let the article go...but I couldn't let it go completely. I began to think and churn about it...and finally came to the conclusion that Hillary used the "late return" to bond herself to the women in the audience (in studio and on TV). In the first debate, it may have just been a "women's thing" that delayed Hillary from getting back on stage on time...but somewhere, there must have been some feedback from internal polling that women responded positively to her "plight". Think about it - how many times have you had to wait for a woman to use the restroom? It's always crowded, it takes time to undress, re-dress, etc. Just for physical reasons, women can't use the restroom as quickly as men. And so was born the "Hillary debate delay" - she purposely delayed getting back on stage in the second debate to once again send the subtle message that she's different - she's a woman. With a majority of the electorate being women, the female voters immediately bonded with her. She has, as a woman, the same problem we have as women - we can't pee fast enough. OMG! She IS one of us! I'm voting for her! She understands all our female plights - low wages, unequal pay, etc.

Think about it - why didn't her campaign suggest that they reverse the mens and womens restrooms - that is, have Sanders and O'Malley use the women's restroom and Hillary use the mens restroom? Of course, you'd have campaign people guard the doors to ensure everyone was comfortable. Since the men could get done faster, it only made sense that they walk farther and Hillary walk closer. Or, why didn't they all use the same restroom? Hillary would use it first, then the men - she might even make it back on stage first! Or, why didn't her campaign ask for a port-a-potty? I don't like using those myself, but if she was the only one using it, why not? Or how about some sort of golf cart to get her back and forth faster??

I know this all sounds silly, but I really believe she used the 'bathroom thing' the second time around (and perhaps even the first!) to score subliminal points with the female voters. "I AM one of you. See? I'm not a monster, I'm human."

She will stop at NOTHING to be President - even down to using her female parts to bond with women voters.

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