Monday, February 23, 2009

Some Retro TV Network Gripes

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Earlier, I blogged about Retro TV Network's airing of classic Sci-Fi on Saturday nights.

There was more to be said about Retro TV Network, but I thought I'd separate the good and the bad. This blog entry is about the bad.

I was introduced to Retro TV Network when a local TV station used one of its digital sub-channels to carry RTN. I was rather excited about this for two reasons - a chance to see some classic series that either I had never seen when they were first broadcast or hadn't seen in the years since they were broadcast PLUS it was neat to see how TV stations would use the ability of DTV to broadcast "sub-channels".

While surfing RTN's web site, I came across the list of series they broadcast. As I mentioned in my earlier entry, it's a mixed bag of good and not so good oldies. One problem is that it seems some series aren't available in all markets (I'd REALLY like to see Quincy, MD again - the original CSI series!). The other problem is some odd tendency to repeat episodes for some unknown reason. In this case, Ellery Queen (Jim Sutton version). The series airs on the weekend at 1am. Of the 3 times I've been able to catch an episode, twice it was the same episode!

I *hope*, if I get to see Battlestar:Galactica next weekend, it's a DIFFERENT episode than this weekend's. (I'll let you know!)

Another issue I have with RTN is its rather repetitive scheduling. For example, It Takes a Thief airs every night at 11pm. Now, if you're a fan of that series, it's great! If you're not, then you're left out in the Retro TV cold. Why not shake things up and air a different series every night?

It'll be interesting to see how RTN shakes out. Their web site promises "More Programming Coming Soon!!" but I tend to doubt that myself. I'm wondering how long they'll be around.

It's not a bad network and I realize they're pushing a boulder uphill -- I just hope they're around long enough to improve on what they've got!

Is RTN broadcast in your area? If so, do you watch it? Your thoughts? Suggestions? Let us know by commenting below!

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Retro TV Network airs '70s "Retro Sci-Fi"

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The Retro Television Network airs a bevy of "retro" TV shows from the '60s/70s/80s. While none of them are that particularly memorable, it's nice to see some of these unpolished gems on the airwaves again.

On Saturday nights, RTV plays a two hour science-fiction block with Buck Rogers and Battlestar:Galatica. I finally had a chance to sit and watch the two shows this past Saturday night. I didn't have much hope for Buck Rogers - even when it aired, I wasn't the biggest of fans. It was a nice little retro-romp with the Buck Rogers crew and special guest Dorothy Stratton. I vaguely remember the brouhaha surrounding Stratton's appearance on the show at the time (or am I making that up?). It was fun to see though.

Battlestar:Galactica ("The Young Lords") was enjoyable - again, for nostalagia sake. This was an all planet/all Starbuck episode. But it was fun nevertheless.

I realize that these two series are on DVD, but it was still fun to watch them as though the '70s never ended! It got me to thinking - what other classic sci-fi of that time period should RTN dig up and air? An easy answer would be the Irwin Allen quartet of sci-fi gems but those have played a few times on the Sci-Fi channel and are readily available on DVD, too (OK - it's really because I have the two series I want on DVD so I have no compelling interest to catch them on TV! What can I say?) I thought of Max Headroom, but not much more. My mind went blank!

BTW, their web page does list "Voyagers" but for some reason I haven't seen it aired in my area (there's a disclaimer that not all series air in all markets).

So...I'll ask you to list some retro hidden Sci-Fi gems that we can ask RTN to air on Saturdays! List your requests in the comments below! Also, are you able to receive RTN in your area? Let us know!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Month Anniversary - Your Thoughts on President Obama?

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Well, it's almost a month since Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States.

What are your thoughts on his performance so far? How has he handled the vetting process for his Cabinet? How about the stimulus package with little to no Republican support? Is it just a typical Democratic spending package crammed down the nation's throat? Or will it actually kick-start the economy as the President has repeatedly told us? Did you watch his first live news conference? How did he handle himself - Presidential or not? Should a President use the term "ginned up" during a formal news conference?

Let us know your thoughts on the First 30 Days of the Obama Administration by leaving a comment below!

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