Thursday, July 09, 2009

House Dems Looking at taxing the rich for health care

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And so it begins - let's tax "the rich" to pay for everything! How fucking stupid can we all be to believe this shit? How soon will the wage earners "over $200,000(single)/$250,000(married) income" be dropped to $100k/$150k? Then $75K/80K? And then -- YOU! I predict in less than 5 years if this mess is allowed to pass. When will we ever learn that income redistribution just doesn't work?!? Apparently, Mr Obama thinks he and his Democratic cronies are smarter than past generations of socialists and can come up with magical money to solve all our societal ills.

Taxing the rich never works, boys and girls. The "rich" hide their money faster than the Easter Bunny hides eggs on Easter morning. And then the government hand has to go deeper and deeper into the well to grab money and guess which jackass ends up footing the bill for "free" medical care? LOOK IN THE MIRROR, STUPID! It's YOU! But as a jackass, you have no where to hide the little money you make so you pay more and more taxes to subsidize everyone else.

Why not create good paying jobs so people can afford health insurance in the first place? Why not pass MASSIVE (and I mean MASSIVE) reform legislation like limiting malpractice awards? And many other reforms that are needed before we create a healthcare monster.

Yes, we need to overhaul our health care system and help provide health insurance to those who don't have it but NOT by creating more taxes and "taxing the rich". It didn't work in the past and it won't work now.

Any thoughts on "taxing the rich" to pay for someone else's health insurance? Let us know by leaving your thoughts below!

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