Thursday, September 08, 2011

Obama's Jobs Now speech - more of the same

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Did you watch the President's "jobs speech" tonight? If you didn't, it's no big deal as he said the same thing he's said before: spend more money now to put people to work tomorrow.

If you listen carefully to his coded speech, you'll see that the President wants to funnel jobs to union members: construction crews to fix bridges, roads, etc. Money to "first responders" which translates to unionized police and fire fighters. Money to teachers to educate our children - ie, unionized government workers.

This bill won't cost anything because it will be paid for by raising Warren Buffet's tax rate (he pays a lower rate than his secretary - the outrage!! But don't lower his secretary's rate, just raise his...well, Warren did ask for it, the President tells us)  We'll eliminate corporate loopholes so we can lower the corporate tax rate (but not to zero - God forbid)...isn't it outrageous how oil companies have tax loopholes? They're so evil those oil companies. Let's punish them for making a profit and employing thousands!

The President will roll back hundreds (he's already identified 500!) of regulations that stunt the growth of business - but by God he won't rollback anything that will endanger the health and safety of Americans! I wonder then what's left to rollback?

And don't think you can use the "excuse" of this economic crisis to rollback programs that have protected Americans all these years. Let's not be so bold and actually change anything. Let's use this crisis instead to fund the same old tired Democrat programs, re-couched into a jobs program.

Yeesh. Same old, same old.

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