Friday, May 31, 2013

Open a CapitalOne360 Online Savings Account and Get a Bonus!

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Looking for a competitive rate? And an opening account bonus? Look no further than CapitalOne360 Savings and Checking! You can open either or both account and get a bonus. I also get a bonus!

Use this link:

CapitalOne360 Online Account Bonus

Please note the following:

1) CapitalOne360 was formerly INGDirect;

2) I have NO access to your account or any personal information - I simply am credited a bonus (and have NO clue who the bonus is from);

3) Please read CapitalOne360's privacy policy and any other pertinent policy related to the account - Tony Island blog is not responsible or involved in any way with CapitalOne360 other than promoting this bonus.

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Thanks for reading Tony Island blog! See you soon!