Friday, September 09, 2011

Pass the President's Jobs Plan! (Really - I mean it!)

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As much as I carped about the President's jobs speech last night, I really think the Republican-controlled House should pass the bill intact. As is, no changes. Rubber stamp it and send it to the Senate. The Senate should rubber stamp it and send it to the President. Sign it and be done with it.

The same would hold true for his "deficit reduction" plan he's going to propose sometime in the next month. Rubber stamp that baby and pass it into law. Lickety-split, time's a-wasting.

Why the sudden change of heart? It's mere politics - let's stop the silly posturing - the Republican controlled House can't make changes that the Democrat Senate won't allow. So, why waste politcal capital? The people don't understand the nuances of freedom. They're addicted to the Federal tit.

Show the people that "we" can work together - any tax increases can be overturned in the next Congress - a mere 16 months away. In the meantime, the Republicans' can hang this albatross around the President's neck. If it works, the worst thing is that the President is re-elected and perhaps the Congress is more solidly Republican. If it doesn't work (and it won't), then perhaps the people will finally realize that the President was never serious about creating jobs - only preserving union member jobs at the expense of the rest of us.

Tinkering with this plan will be political suicide - pass it. Let it fail and then heap the blame on Obama - where it rightly belongs.

Pass the bill - unaltered - now.

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