Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Your thoughts on the "Occupy" movement? Support it or condemn it?

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This is one of those periods in my life where I have so many racing thoughts in my head, I can't really sit and write anything coherent, so I thought I'd let you, the blog reader, voice your opinion on the current "Occupy" movement. What started out as Occupy Wall Street has morphed into Occupy [insert city name here].

According to a recent ABC News poll, 39% of Americans support the Occupy movement. Are you one of the 39%? I still don't know what these people want. Nor do I understand what we'll do with all the tax money that pours in to the coffers once they get tax hikes on "the rich" enacted? Do the 99% get a check in the mail to get our "fair share" of this largess that the rich are hoarding from us? If so, how long (and how much?) will these handouts last?

I didn't want to give the OWS much coverage, but the constant coverage by the mainstream media (after handily ignoring it all for about 3 weeks) has gotten to be too much. And now that violence has escalated at these tent cities, even more coverage will be forthcoming.

Please post your thoughts on this. Whether or not you favor the movement, what the movement is about (please someone explain it to me) or any thoughts on where this is all headed are some of the ideas to chat about.

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