Saturday, June 03, 2006

The wait is over - the Wizard has arrived!

Welcome back!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was waiting for my Breygent Wizard of OZ trading cards box to arrive - well, it finally has! The box is very colorful - with a die-cut box top. Remember, these are the same boxes you would see in your local trading card hobby shop. On the bottom, there's a bonus box bottom card - mine is Dorothy. I'm not sure if each box has a different bonus card. The card will stay there as I doubt I'll ever cut the display ("wax") box!

Now, the big question is.....when will I open this puppy? Open all the packs, sort thru the cards, find the special cards and put them away safely, make a "base" set and store it in a binder.....when? I dunno! You'd think I'd rip open the box the moment I got it, but that would be wrong! I have sealed boxes from 2003 that I haven't opened! I also have DVDs from a year ago or so that I haven't opened!

Why is that? I have no clue - I think part of it is the "let down" or the post-opening depression. You know - you get the new toy, play with it for a few days and toss it aside. By keeping the trading cards boxes sealed, I can continue to look forward to the day that I will open them and be surprised (or more likely, disappointed - which is another reason I think I don't open the boxes!)

I think some of this has to do with getting those cereal prizes as a kid - they looked super neat on TV or the back of the box photos, but when you opened the cereal (soley for the prize mind you!) you were almost always disappointed! Yea, I guess things that happen to you in your childhood define you as an adult.

Do you buy things only not to open them/use them? Perhaps CDs, DVDs or something similar? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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