Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Should the RED SOX release/trade Manny Ramirez??

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As the baseball trading deadline inches closer (July 31), a lot of tongues are wagging in Boston and Red Sox Nation about what to do with Manny Ramirez. Should he be traded or hung on to until the end of the season then let go (his contract expires this year)?? If he's not traded, will he play his best for the remainder of the season or "call in sick" as he did last weekend against the New York Yankees?

Love him or hate him, everyone has an opinion on Manny! What are your thoughts? Should the Boston Red Sox trade him? Keep him? Renew his contract? Buy his options? Submit a comment below and let us know!

In the meantime, cross your fingers - it's gonna be a BUMPY ride for the next month in Red Sox Nation!

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