Sunday, January 04, 2009

YEA! The Dolphins Lost, too!!

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Well, well, well - the 2008 darlings of the NFL AFC East division, the Miami Dolphins, have LOST in the first round of the playoffs!! YIPPEE!

Worst to First -- and now -- One and Done! I love it!

It seems it was Florida's destiny to take two bottom-of-the-barrel teams (NFL's Miami Dolphins and MLB's Tampa Rays) and make them Division winners in their respective sports this past sports year...but, unfortunately, neither team could "go the distance". The Dolphins collapsed today while Tampa collapsed in October!

Can you tell I'm a bitter, poor-sport New England Patriots / Boston Red Sox fan? :)

On to next week's playoff rounds - with my two "enemy" teams (Colts, Dolphins) knocked out in the first round!

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