Monday, February 23, 2009

Retro TV Network airs '70s "Retro Sci-Fi"

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The Retro Television Network airs a bevy of "retro" TV shows from the '60s/70s/80s. While none of them are that particularly memorable, it's nice to see some of these unpolished gems on the airwaves again.

On Saturday nights, RTV plays a two hour science-fiction block with Buck Rogers and Battlestar:Galatica. I finally had a chance to sit and watch the two shows this past Saturday night. I didn't have much hope for Buck Rogers - even when it aired, I wasn't the biggest of fans. It was a nice little retro-romp with the Buck Rogers crew and special guest Dorothy Stratton. I vaguely remember the brouhaha surrounding Stratton's appearance on the show at the time (or am I making that up?). It was fun to see though.

Battlestar:Galactica ("The Young Lords") was enjoyable - again, for nostalagia sake. This was an all planet/all Starbuck episode. But it was fun nevertheless.

I realize that these two series are on DVD, but it was still fun to watch them as though the '70s never ended! It got me to thinking - what other classic sci-fi of that time period should RTN dig up and air? An easy answer would be the Irwin Allen quartet of sci-fi gems but those have played a few times on the Sci-Fi channel and are readily available on DVD, too (OK - it's really because I have the two series I want on DVD so I have no compelling interest to catch them on TV! What can I say?) I thought of Max Headroom, but not much more. My mind went blank!

BTW, their web page does list "Voyagers" but for some reason I haven't seen it aired in my area (there's a disclaimer that not all series air in all markets).

So...I'll ask you to list some retro hidden Sci-Fi gems that we can ask RTN to air on Saturdays! List your requests in the comments below! Also, are you able to receive RTN in your area? Let us know!

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