Sunday, March 01, 2009

New Rogers! New BSG! New Queen! That's Incredible!

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OK - so there are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of topics I could blog about, but I've decided to update the world on my Retro TV Network viewing this past weekend.

I just wanted everyone to know that RTN played (at least in my market!) a new Buck Rogers, Battlestar:Galactica and Ellery Queen episode! Woo hoo! The only mystery is why they played the second part of a two-part BSG episode (The Living Legend, Part II, which is actually a good episode - even Part I was, IIRC)? From what I gather, RTN has to tailor its programming in each market to avoid conflicts with other local stations that carry the same programming. So, it's possible that in some market "The Living Legend, Part I" played before Part II.

On a slightly different note, I've been catching "That's Incredible" on Sunday late afternoon. These are the 30-minute syndicated episodes. They're still interesting, though you have to wonder what a similar program would feature today? One thing I like to do (in some cases, not all!) is to Google a subject featured on the show to see if I can find any current information (or if there's at least one "hit" out there). I've been able to find some references which is incredible!

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