Thursday, April 02, 2009

Court TV shows junky!

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Do you watch Judge Judy? The People's Court? Perhaps Judge Mathis?

I do as much as I can. I just love the 15- 20 minute 'soap opera' aspect of these shows. Some of the law suits are so silly as to be laughable, but you tend to learn something every time you tune in. Of course, don't ask me to recite anything I've learned - I forget it until the next show!

It seems the more animated the judge is, the more popular the show. It's that mix of Judge's personality and lawsuit that really makes the show for me.

My 3 favorite shows are Judge Judy, People's Court and Judge Mathis, in that order.

Here's the granddaddy of them all:

Are you a 'reality court junky'? If so, let us know your favorite Judge and any thoughts below!

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