Monday, April 20, 2009

What's your DVD collection's 're-watchability factor'?

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As I mentioned, I have a decent size collection of DVDs. I've been trying to wean the collection down a bit, getting rid of those I probably won't be viewing any time soon.

That got me to thinking - do I really need any of the DVDs I have? I mean - how many times am I gonna re-watch them? If I get too many, will I run out of time to view them a second or third time?

I know I need my Space:1999 DVDs, but other than that - do I need any of the rest? Did I need to purchase two versions of Daredevil? Daredevil?!? Or the latest James Bond release when I had a perfectly good earlier version? Do I need the complete The Prisoner series? Couldn't I have rented that?? What's the re-watchability factor of my collection?!?!

What's the re-watchability factor of your DVD collection? Let us know your "must haves" and those you can do without by leaving a comment below!

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