Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Scott Heard 'Round the World - Join the Revolution!

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The video below is from the swearing in ceremony of Republican Senator Scott Brown (MA). In an historic upset special election in Massachusetts, a conservative Republican won the seat of the deceased "liberal lion" of the Senate, Ted Kennedy, effectively eroding the Democrats choke-hold on the Senate for the time being. The funny thing is that the Massachusetts state Democrats shot themselves in the foot and severely hobbled the national party's and Barack Obama's agenda. Back in 2004, when it looked like Senator John Kerry (D-MA) could win the Presidency (bwahahaha), the Massachusetts state Democrats (who have a huge margin in both houses of the General Court) quickly passed a law that called for a special election to replace a Senator instead of being chosen by the Governor (it was feared that then Republican Governor Mitt Romney would choose a Republican to replace Kerry). The law passed and Kerry lost his Presidential bid.

Fast forward several years and we see the Commonwealth headed by a Democratic Governor and a dying Democratic Senator. Once again, the General Court decides to amend the law and allows the Governor to choose a temporary replacement for a deceased Senator until his/her replacement can be voted in in a special election.

This sets up the historic Senate special election that occurred on January 19, 2010. The Democratic candidate loses in what the Democrats blame on an "uninspired" campaign - whereas the rest of the world sees it as a repudiation of the Socialist policies of the current Administration and Congress. This is the 3rd election in as many months that have gone to the Republicans from previous Democrat strongholds (the other two were Governorship changes in the November, 2009 elections).

Does Senator Brown's election foretell a sea change in November, 2010? Only time (and YOUR vote) will tell - but for now, we can get out the word out - we DON'T want to be Europe! We are Americans!

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