Monday, July 18, 2011

Are you "Happily Divorced"?

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Have you caught Fran Drescher's new show Happily Divorced, playing on TV Land (Weds, 10:30p ET)? I started watching it a few weeks back - it has its moments. It's not quite as funny (yet) as The Nanny, but I'll give it time. The first season of The Nanny was a tad uneven, too. It takes a bit for the writers to "find" the characters and their story lines. Once they do, I feel the series will be almost as funny as The Nanny was. The reason I say "almost as funny" is that there isn't the bevy of characters that The Nanny had. All of them were funny and could hold their own scenes.

While I like the casting of Fran's parents (though nothing can be beat her mother and grandmother from her previous series), I'm a bit turned off by her husband. He just doesn't quite gel for me. I know it would have been thought of as "The Nanny II" if they brought back all the old characters, but at least we would know them and be able to get right back into the swing of things (sort of like Lucille Ball did with all her series post I Love Lucy). I hope they, at least, bring back The Nanny cast for guest roles throughout the series - that would be fun to see how they all look today.

Well, just thought I'd change things up a bit and review a sitcom. Have you seen Happily Divorced? What are your thoughts? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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