Wednesday, August 03, 2011

See any good Summer Blockbusters?

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Have you seen any good (or bad) summer blockbusters? I haven't. I'll probably end up watching them on DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming at some point. I keep forgetting to hit the cinema to see some of the movies that really should be seen on a big screen - usually those with lots of special effects (or 3D - though I can't always make out 3D and will not pay extra for it! :).

I did see some current movies on DVD and streaming...quick reviews:

Green Hornet - sucked. It didn't know if it was a comedy, drama, super hero flick or ... something else. It was too uneven. It's too bad, too. The producers may have had a budding franchise on their hands. I recorded the original 1960s series on my DVR but have yet to see it. It's better than this schlock though (I did see the series one time years and years ago). Check it out only if you have a need to see all the superhero flicks that come out!

The Fighter - I was totally confused when I first started watching this movie, but I stuck with it and was well rewarded. It's a high quality film about two brothers from Lowell, MA that are boxers. One brother is on his way down while the other is on his way up. Their relationship, their relationship with their parents and siblings both together and individually are brought to life by Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale. I saw this on streaming so I don't know what special features the DVD/Blu-Ray may have, but the credits of the movie showed a clip of the brothers today. Powerful film - check it out.

As for what I'd like to see:

Cowboys & Aliens - I'm not that keen on the whole premise, but I've heard it's good.

Captain America - I've heard good things about this (and bad things about Green Lantern, which I'll probably see on DVD anyway!).

Thor - mixed emotions - but probably catch it.

X-Men: First Class - similar to Thor on the emotion meter. Again, more than likely will catch it some time.

There are probably some other good films out there that I want to see but can't remember off the top of my head (here's one - Harry Potter's final film - not sure I saw the first half, so I'll have to check it out beforehand!) - if it's a drama or comedy, it can easily wait for DVD. I should check out the big action movies before it's too late.

OK - now it's your turn. Where should I spend my hard earned dollars? Recommend the movie and location (theater or home). I appreciate your input!

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