Thursday, July 04, 2013

The Bill of Rights (Rap version)

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Here's the Bill of Rights sung by "Rhythm, Rhyme and Results". Lyrics below video are by Evan Amick (from whose YouTube posting this video comes from)

Good version of the song.

It's the Bill of Rights, it's the bill of your rights
It's time to take your knowledge up to unfamiliar heights
The thrill of your life, just like riding a bike
You're never, never, never going to forget the Bill of Rights

Verse I
The right to free speech and religion and press
Are guaranteed by Amendment One
Amendment Number Two says it's true, that it's all up to you
If you choose to possess a gun

The government can't force you to house and feed a soldier
Says Amendment Number Three
Amendment Number Four we adore says without a warrant
Your stuff can't be searched or seized

Chorus (x2)

Verse II
Amendment Number Five says the court can't try you
With evidence they already used
It also says that nobody can make you self-incriminate
You're allowed to stay silent if you choose.

Amendment Number Six won't let the criminal clock tick
The rights of the accused continue here, and then
Amendment Number Seven gives you one plus eleven:
A right to a trial by a jury of your peers

If it's cruel and unusual punishment
It's ruled out by Amendment Eight
Amendment Number Nine says that other rights are fine
And Ten gives the rest to the states

We should keep in mind that some Framers of the Constitution thought that a Bill of Rights wasn't needed - that the Constitution itself was enough protection. Little did they know how wrong they were or how far we'd devolve from their original intentions.

Learn your Rights. They may come in handy some day!

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