Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Are Mexicans Criminals? YES! But....

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When Donald Trump announced his run for the Presidency, one of his first policies was to state that he would rid the country of illegal aliens. The crowds roared approval, but the Leftists and their media accomplices began gnashing their teeth and wringing their hands.

"Racist!" "White Supremacist!" "Demagogue!" "Populist!" "Nationalist!"

Those were some of the words thrown about by the Left.

Yet, on an almost daily basis, newscasts have reports of illegal aliens murdering Americans or pushing drugs, etc. The occasional drug tunnel is uncovered to remind us how the drug lords will leave no stone unturned in their efforts to push drugs into the United States. Ironically, as Anderson Cooper was interviewing Trump on CNN, the crawl below the video had a breaking story of an illegal alien murdering a young American woman.

Yet, the Left continued to be appalled that Trump and his supporters would call Mexicans murders, rapists and drug dealers.

The fact of the matter is that Mexicans ARE murders, rapists and drug dealers...

Just like Italians.
Just like Irish.
Just like Russians.
Just like Asians.
Just like Cubans.

ALL massive immigrant waves, from the Irish and Italian waves in the late 19th/early 20th centuries, to the Cubans in the 1980s to the Mexicans in the 21st century, have had their share of bad apples. Why? Because they are human! And that's what humans do - rape, kill, push drugs.

WHY are we suddenly appalled when Trump brings this up? Why is it taken out of context and turned into something it is not (racism)? Why? Well, that's the way you win elections - you keep badgering the other side with "racism" and hope it sticks. Your side is, of course, "pure" and only sees immigrants, legal or illegal, as saints.

I'm not advocating that harm come to illegal immigrants - I'm not for vigilantes. But, EVERY major group of immigrants has gone thru a "hazing period" while they were assimilating into American culture - they were feared, shunned, run out of town...until the next bogeyman came along.

Let's call it what it is - The Truth; there ARE bad Mexicans and they need to be deported. Good Mexicans need to help that effort. Illegal immigrants need to be dealt with (even those law abiding ones) in a humane way, but we MUST recognize that they broke the law by crossing the border without permission. Can everyone be deported immediately? Of course not and truthfully, more than likely, very few (percentage wise) will be deported at all. But we should at least go after the criminal elements and start to secure the border to slow down and/or prevent more illegal crossings. We need to come up with a guest worker program that is fast, efficient and workable so people can come to America and fill jobs as needed.

Enough with the rhetoric on both sides. It's time to do something.

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