Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Do you 'Facebook'?

Welcome to my blog!

A while back I signed up for Facebook for one specific purpose. Since then, I've added friends and taken numerous quizzes, added birthdays to MyCalendar and 'ignored' countless silly requests from my friends.

Even though I think Facebook (and MySpace) is the stupidest thing around (am I just too old to appreciate its significance?), I've been sucked in to it. I still refuse to post a "What am I doing now?" but am a sucker for a "Can you name these super hero logos"? quiz. I dunno - maybe I just don't care that a friend is having a "boring day" or "cleaned the house and am ready for bed"day. It didn't matter before we were 'facebooked' and it doesn't matter much now!

But for the sake of being current, I'll check my Facebook account several times a week - heaven forbid I miss a "Name these '70s sitcoms" quiz!

Are you 'Facebooked' or 'MySpaced'?? Hooked? Hate it? Let us know below by leaving a comment!

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  1. I signed up for Facebook after steady prodding by a friend that lasted, geez, probably 8 months.

    Like you I don't see the big deal. Someone "friended" me the other day (or whatever the word is) that I haven't seen since my freshman year of high school; even then she wasn't someone I ever talked to. Why?

    I thought Facebook was for keeping in touch with old friends scattered by time, careers, and family life. But I suppose some people will virtually befriend anyone they remotely recognize.

    Maybe I'm just too old for the Web 2.0/social aspects.

  2. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated!

    I was pretty happy with Netscape browser and "hyper-links" ... ooo, such pretty blue lines. Then some computer geek (amd I love computers!) had to add and expand what we could do with browsers. Pretty soon we could order books online...neato!

    Now of course we can do much more than that. I do think the Web has been tremendously helpful, but as you mention, this 2.0 stuff is getting a little much.

    I think I've just taken my 100th ( or so it seems!) Facebook quiz! Shouldn't I be doing my taxes online instead? :)