Monday, March 23, 2009

AIG Bonus Payouts - what's the big deal?

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For a week now, we've been hearing about the "outrage" over the AIG bonus payouts. I really don't get what all the hoopla is about. While it may not have been the most prudent thing AIG could have done with the bailout money, the government did give AIG the bailout money with little or no strings attached - why then is everyone upset over the payouts?

I really have to laugh at the politicians that are outraged over this "misuse" of government funds. You mean appropriating money for "roads to nowhere" is a better use of taxpayer money?? Oh wait, it must be the pork barrel spending on the sex life of a silk worm that is a better use of taxpayer money? Surely saving a useless Air Force or Army base in your district must be a better use of taxpayer money?? Are politicians kidding themselves? Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. The politicians should be LAST in line of those complaining over the misuse of taxpayers money. We're throwing billions (now near trillions) of dollars to all sectors of the economy in the hopes of staving off another "Great Depression"...yet, not much seems to be working, except the disappearance of taxpayer's money and confidence.

It's time we all take a deep breath, sit back and study what's going on. I don't have the solutions to this current "crisis" but I do know that getting mad at AIG (and even having the gall to pass legislation to tax someone's bonus) isn't the answer. If we the people now own 80% of AIG, it's time we started acting like managers and begin correcting the problems.

Adding more hot air to the fire isn't going to put it out.

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