Monday, March 16, 2009

DVD Review: Best of Password

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I haven't posted a DVD Review in a long time so I thought I'd get back into the groove.

I've been watching "Best of Password" - a 4 disc set that showcases 32 black & white episodes of this classic game show from the 1962-1967 timeframe.

You'll play along with the guest stars and contestants -- though you won't win any money!

Speaking of money, the top prize was $250 with an additional $250 possible if you got all 5 Passwords during the "lightening round". Not a bad take for the day.

There are a lot of nice guest stars featured - Carol Burnett, Bob Newhart, Betty White, Peter Lawford and Paul Anka to name a few. Most of the guest stars had some sort of project to promote - an upcoming movie or play appearance, etc.

As you watch, it will be like entering a time machine - men are in suits, women in dresses. While there are no "retro commercials" they do have some original "sponsored by" spots including Salem cigarettes and Bufferin aspirin. Allen Ludden is great as the host. It's a fun game that moves at a good pace.

As I mentioned before, the guest stars are a delight to watch - there was one particularly fun episode with Lucille Ball and Gary Morton as the guest stars with Lucy's children, Desi, Jr (11) and Lucille (13), as the contestants! The money won went to charity, of course.

So far, the video has been fine for such an old series. From the main menu, you can play all episodes or choose individual episodes from the next menu - a nice touch, I thought.

I recommend this set. If you would like to purchase it, feel free to click on the box art below!

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