Monday, May 02, 2011

Birth certificate released, but I still have my doubts!

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His citizenship status, and thus his eligibility for the Presidency, has been swirling around him ever since his 2008 campaign. Is he a citizen or not? Is he a "natural born" citizen, thus fulfilling the Constitutional requirement to be President? Even the liberal New York Times weighed in with several articles, including this one. Yet, my doubts remain - was Senator McCain ever eligible (constitutionally) to be President?

Oh, wait. You thought I was talking about President Obama's eligibility? Doesn't that make you a bit of a racist? I mean, surely, we can't discuss the "birther" issue without being racist? Or can we? Have we become so PC that any discussion that involves a person of color invokes the race card?

It's quite funny with all the nonsense surrounding Obama's birth status that we can't discuss the issue rationally. Black Americans are up in arms calling anyone who mentions the issue a "racist". But yet Black activists have railed against white Presidents for years without whites invoking the race card. Odd that.

We've never had a President who's had a Kenyan father and has (possibly) been adopted by a stepfather in a foreign country. These are important issues to discuss. They can be dealt with civilly - there's no need for rancor on either side.

Back in 2008, the Leftist Liberal Loons questioned McCain's citizenship just as the Right is questioning Obama's citizenship now. Since Obama is a sitting President, this makes the "birther" question a Constituional issue, not a racist issue. Over the years, we've found a few "holes" in our Constitution and have passed amendments to correct them. This may or may not be such a time, but we won't be able to tell unless everyone comes clean - including the President. I'm not saying he's not a citizen, I'm just saying there may be a few issues surrounding his status.

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