Monday, June 20, 2011

Facebook Update - I'm totally hooked and now I need help!

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You may remember this post I made a while back about Facebook. In re-reading that post, I can see the beginnings of the obsession I find myself in now. It's really not so much Facebook itself (I still don't care that my friends think "It's a beach day!") but the social games - specifically Farmville and Cafe World.

I am totally hooked - and while I feel I can walk away any day, I don't! And I don't want to! I dunno what it is about those two games (I've tried at least a dozen Facebook games off and on) that keeps me coming back. Well, they do tend to update them, continually adding more depth which sucks me in even further. A few years ago, I swore to myself I would never "pay to play" yet since then I've sunk in at least $20 of my own money (I know, it's not a lot of dough  but considering I have nothing to show for it except a few fake trees on a fake farm, it's a lot!!) and $20 of gift money...UGH!

And the time I've wasted - hours and's insane. I have piles of books to read, movies / T.V. shows to  watch, etc that I don't get to because I'm constantly playing Farmville and Cafe World! Luckily, I don't skip work to play! Whew!

Well, I just thought if I let the world know of my obsession, that would be a start on the road to recovery.

Is there any hope for me? Have you been sucked into social games - Facebook or otherwise? Were you able to control your obsession? Share your experiences by leaving a comment!

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